TMN’s Video Interviews at MWC Barcelona 2024

The Mobile Network’s unique MWC Video Hub has been achieving great results for our clients.

At MWC, many platforms offer video interviews, but TMN stands apart by providing a service tailored to maximise your impact. 

  • Messaging Preparation: Collaborate with TMN experts to fine-tune your messaging, ensuring your key points resonate effectively during the interview.
  • Swift Publication: Your interview will be published before the event’s conclusion, ensuring timely exposure and relevance.
  • Panel Debates: Want to amplify your message further? TMN offers the opportunity to engage MNO guests and analysts creating a dynamic panel debate around your interview topic.
  • Dedicated MWC Resource Page: Your interview will be hosted on an exclusive MWC resource page dedicated solely to showcasing your company. TMN adds context to build an integrated content campaign, mixing video, executive Q&A articles, press coverage and “show buzz” in one place.
  • End-to-End Management: TMN manages the entire process seamlessly, from initial preparation to publication, allowing you to focus on your core activities at the show.