NEW White Paper: The path to 5G requires a strong optical network

From C‐RAN to Cloud‐RAN

This white paper reviews the latest trends in the radio access networks (RANs) of mobile networks, including the evolution to Cloud‐RAN, virtualised architectures.

Although it can be difficult to make accurate predictions for some technologies, we are fortunate in the case of future RAN architecture as the ongoing standardisation of 5G is providing the industry with very precise requirements.

The 5G network will be based on virtualised architecture—specifically, a network functions virtualisation (NFV) standard—which is an evolution of the centralised RAN (C‐RAN) already on the way. However, 5G is more than just an architecture: it also brings optimal performance requirements, such as huge throughput performance for advanced video services, below 1 ms latency, for services such as real‐time Internet of Things (IoT).


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