Welcome to The Mobile Network

Hello everyone. You have found your way to The Mobile Network. Thanks for taking that first step. Please stick around.

What is The Mobile Network?

I want The Mobile Network to be a site, a place, where we can report on and discuss the technology and services that go together to make mobile networks work. That’s everything from the chip developers, to the platform providers, the NEPs and the services and software providers in design, planning, optimisation and operation of a mobile network.

Why? Because I think there’s room for a site that puts the different areas of mobile network tech in context, and writes about the whole wide range of companies operating in the mobile network.

Relationships matter – it’s a bland statement but there’s something to it. Yes, we can view each element and the companies that develop them as an independent space, or we can ask how the web of relationships goes together to make up the mobile network. We’re going to try and do the latter.

Here’s our manifesto. If we cover something – a company or technology or product – we want to know how it fits into the mobile network, where it fits in, why it makes the mobile network run more efficiently or increases performance, and who is impacted by that.

How will we do this?

First, we will pick up on the news of the day and place it in context – try to unpick the relationships that surround that piece of news. We won’t concentrate solely on the top few NEPs or listed companies. We will cover the developments of the vast bulk of companies that make up the mobile network, placing what they do in context.

So please get involved: write something, leave a comment, come to one of our events.

Secondly, we will work with you in the industry to point to and showcase the best writing on mobile network technology that is out there. If you’re writing a blog, either for yourself or on a company blog, and think our readers should be aware of it, then let us know. If you fancy writing something for us, even better – get in touch. As well as writing about the network, we want to be a network. So please get involved: write something, leave a comment, come to one of our events.

Finally: we’re in print via The Mobile Network Quarterly. Why print? It’s about having great-looking, information-rich coverage of key topics and presenting information in a highly visual manner. You can read our first issue here, to get an idea of the sort of direction we want to go in with that.

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Thanks for now.