TMN Quarterly, Issue 3, 2013: Features

We are asking for your input into the next issue of TMN Quarterly.

TMN Q Issue 3: Editorial Update

Call for submissions…

TMN Quarterly, Issue 3 will be published in September 2013. As well as our regular items, these are the features that will be published in the issue.

We welcome offers of contribution, data points, comment and opinion.

Deadline for submissions is 14 August. To contribute, get in touch with editor Keith Dyer.

1. All network data big and small
Outline: The never-ending story of Big Data, but with a network focus. Operators are being offered a vision of responsive, intelligent networks that automatically optimise resources, and control traffic flows. But there are different sources of data, different ways to get at it, and different ways to analyse it. So what data can operators collect, where do they collect it (stat counters, probes, trace files, DPI, OSS etc) and what do they do with it?

What TMN needs: Views and opinions on how operators can best extract and make use of their network data. Experiences and case studies also welcome.

2. Advanced Antennas
Outline: Although advanced antenna technology is just one of the tools in the operator toolbox as they look to expand capacities upon existing infrastructure, it could be an important one. This feature will look at the latest products coming to market, and being developed in readiness to come to market.

What TMN needs: We’d like to hear from companies that are playing any role in developing smart antenna technology, advanced antennas, or the component parts of them.

3. R&D hot from the labs
Outline: What are the latest current and proposed projects in the operator, vendor R&D departments, and in academia. How is innovation at the R&D likely to impact upon the network in the coming years?
What TMN needs: News and information on interesting projects and research directions. Areas of interest: radio access advances; network function virtualisation; cloud architectures; energy efficiency.

4. France
Outline: Continuing our national series, this article will precis the state of play of France’s mobile networks. Look out for LTE tracking, small cells, WiFI and more.

What TMN needs: Any market data, stats info on recent network deployments and innovations, and on usage data.