ExteNet Systems to present innovative approach to delivering mobile connectivity indoors

WEBINAR: Innovative approach: Delivering indoor mobile connectivity utilising HVAC Ducts, 24 September, 2013, choice of three start times.

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The implementation of indoor wireless system can be costly and take a long time, and the performance might not meet your objectives due to practical impediments.

iDuct is a patented method utilising existing infrastructure within a facility, namely the HVAC duct system, to distribute the RF signals throughout the building. HVAC duct systems are designed to distribute air evenly throughout the facility in a similar manner as the objective of a DAS is for RF. The webinar will discuss the theory and practical implementation of iDuct.

This event is a part of iBwave’s In Building Talks webinar series.

Presented by TORMOD LARSEN, Vice-President, Chief Technology Officer, ExteNet Systems.