TMNQ Magazine Issue 7 Editorial Framework

Here's what will be in the next Issue of TMN Quarterly, to be published in September 2014. Get involved We are looking for spokespeople, knowledgeable types and other people who like seeing their words in print to provide comment, data points, stats or other insight into any of the four following topics.

Radio revolution: More than just another 5G update – this feature will have a proper look at some interesting new developments in radio technology: new research and product directions that will provide the high capacity-low latency requirements of those defining 5G.

What TMN needs: News and views on new radio interface developments: from massive MIMO, full duplex, new waveforms.

Getting Clever, getting beyond: Real Time Analytics/ network intelligence – big data in the network – blah blah, right? Well, perhaps not so blah. We’re talking data analytics plus SON, for instance, or local-local small cell level analytics for service partnerships.

What TMN needs: People with a story to tell about this stuff. Bring us your network big data stories, yearning to be free in the pages of TMN.

For further information or to contribute click here. to email the editorial team but do so before 8th August 2014.

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A mobile network or a video distribution network: This feature will riff the idea that future mobile networks are really about building networks for video distribution. The rest of the traffic profile can take a back seat. So how to build it? Better hope LTE is fit for purpose.

What TMN needs: Agreement or disagreement with the proposition and views on the key enabling technologies, including cloud based (virtualisation) management, high capacity platforms, broadcast, edge caching and so on.

Love of satellites: Companies cannot resist the idea of a global mobile network. Feature will trace the history of low earth orbit global mobile satellite projects. Clearly references recently reported Google ambitions.

What TMN needs: Satellite comms aficionados with long memories, anyone who thinks Google could be on to something, and why.