TMN Quarterly Magazine Issue 11 | The Smart Network Edition

Making Sense of Issue 11 - The Smart Network Edition

The next edition of TMN Q Magazine will be published in late September. Its aim is to bring readers up to date with latest developments in the mobile network technology space, highlighting all the advances being made to deliver the smart, intelligent mobile network of the future.

This issue promises to provide a valuable opportunity for all those interested in highlighting their latest developments in the RAN, SON, cloud, 5G, IP Classification, test, and IoT sectors.

Features list and how to get involved:

Intelligence where?

TMN has had a long-standing focus on the development of the intelligent network. In this feature we look at how operators can embed intelligence in the network, what that means, the use cases they want to fulfil, and whether structural changes are required to the network architecture. Edge computing, distributed cloud, DPI and IP Classification, security and traffic optimisation all feature.

What we need from you:
We want to hear the latest operator deployments, but also the latest thinking about how the future network will evolve as an intelligent entity. Surprise and challenge our readers, to move this story onwards.

The smart RAN and the Het Net

Urban small cells, indoor-outdoor, 3G-4G, cloud RAN, super cells and multi-connected devices: Het Net management is going to require a high level of self-optimisation, automation and co-ordination. How will this be deployed and managed? And who are the new generation of disruptive RAN equipment providers looking to inject a new approach into network architecture.

What we need from you:
News of the latest advances in SON, in management and optimisation engines, in radio network design, planning and equipment. 

Testing For Change

As more features are developed and then deployed in LTE-A, test equipment companies are playing an increasingly important role in certifying and assuring performance, not just in the lab but into the field. This feature will track the latest test cases being developed and look ahead to how test systems can support production and deployment of the next wave of mobile network technology.

What we need from you:
Latest information on LTE-A and R13 test cases. A look ahead to how the test environment will develop for 5G. New methodologies and capabilities required. 

Highlighting 5G:

What do we know so far? 5G demonstrations, use cases, research & development. Path to standardisation. Spectrum alignment.

What we need from you:
We want to hear about the latest research projects, but also views and opinions on how standardisation and spectrum allocation should go forward.

Low Power IoT:

A clutch of narrowband, wide area network start-ups have hit the mobile network scene. This was a trend predicted in Issue 3 of TMN Quarterly in late 2013. Now we are seeing “non-3GPP” wireless M2M and IOT technology mushroom. So who are the new companies, how are they the same or different? And are they a threat or a help to mobile operators?

What we need from you: Information – recent launches, trials and pilots – on the new wireless M2M and IoT technologies. Views on how this market is likely to go forward.


1. Anatomy Of An Operator: Telus

2. Country Profile: Turkey

All editorial enquiries and proposals must be received by 15th August, 2015. Contact editor Keith Dyer .