Insights into the QoE of social media applications on smartphones

A large-scale real field analysis into application performance on smartphones.

test application performance on mobile networksHow can mobile network operators optimise the network to give their subscribers the best performance for specific social media and data apps?

The best way to do so would be to understand how users are experiencing the application, and then understand what network optimisations will affect that QoE for the better.

But understanding the impact that the mobile network itself has on app QoE is not easy, as this large scale field trial investigating the performance of Facebook and Dropbox apps on the network found.

This report from Rohde & Schwarz explains the impact that various factors have on the final performance of an app. That includes the behaviour of the app itself, server availability and performance, as well as network parameters.

The report details:
– How the QoE of interactions with data smartphone apps can be measured
– The characteristics of a data transfer with a popular service like Facebook compared to a plain HTTP transfer to a self-hosted server
– How app tests should be used in mobile network testing campaigns
– The best process operators can take to optimise app performance