TMN Quarterly – a history of trend-spotting

What we got right, ahead of the market.

TMN Quarterly is going paid-forWe think our offer is incredible value for you in your professional life. Here’s a reminder of what reading TMN Quarterly brings you and your team.

The TMN Quarterly team are proven trend spotters. Over the years, TMN Quarterly has broken topics and stories well before they became mainstream in the global telco and tech media, giving our readers a heads-up and a head start.


For instance – we carried a whole issue – back in 2013 – on telco networks in times of stress, security alerts, natural disaster and privacy concerns.

Open RAN is now so hot they are talking about it in Parliaments and Government Offices, as administrations wrestle with vendor diversity. We had a whole issue devoted to the rise of open network platforms in 2016.

open networks

Have you got used to seeing speed tests and reports from Ookla, Root Metrics, OpenSignal, Tutela and others, as they tear apart network performance and operators respond? We saw that coming in 2012.

User experience

We had a entire issue on the impact of mobile networks on society – anticipating discussions such as health and safety, accessibility, the design of the built environment and how we work and play. All still incredibly relevant now, five years later, as conspiracy theories proliferate about 5G and as the world adjusts to new ways of being post-Covid-19.



We asked why real estate and property developers and owners were not designing in wireless coverage and capacity, in terms of spaces, materials and access. And now they are. 


We looked at the Edge from its very inception, picking up on the first few companies that were trying to make this happen, before AWS and Azure and others started to eat the edge from the inside and outside.

We covered the thorny issues of network virtualisation and 5G – not just the hype, from the beginning. For instance, we asked, in 2019, who is thinking about how slices will be sold and consumed. It exposed a real gap in industry thinking that has still not been filled.

sell a slice

Analytics, orchestration, NFV and Cloud Native networks, all of these have been analysed and visualised in our issues.

Our visuals and picture stories are beautiful and informative. Look at this one from 2015 on how to design greener networks.

green networks

Or this one from 2016 on the Connected Car. Beautiful.

connected car

Our offer to you is always to be interesting, informative, and forward-looking. And to look and feel great. We are far from your usual B2B magazine with its parade of canned pay for play quotes and head and shoulders shots. Get your hands on a copy.