Huawei’s new tone

Our second members' email looks at a shift in tone in some Huawei social media accounts.

This article was sent to The Mobile Network's TMN Quarterly subscribers as our second monthly "Inside TMN Quarterly" email. A dedicated monthly email going in depth on a story is just one of the extra benefits of a TMN Quarterly subscription.

Huawei's new tone (sent to TMN Quarterly subscribers on 01 September)

Occasionally, over the past year or two, TMN has returned to what you might term the Huawei situation. We are doing so now again in this email because of something quite interesting.

This time we would like to study Huawei’s external communications, which have taken a notable turn since roughly the start of the year.

The first thing to say is that certain senior Huawei accounts are getting much more aggressive at pushing back on what they perceive to be slights against the company.

This includes labelling certain journalists liars and casting doubts on their impartiality  and engaging with and amplifying near-anonymous accounts that push certain lines of attack - often related to Huawei but also including messages on Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter protests. Huawei-affiliated accounts are often keen to tweet about anything that puts the USA, or more

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