What is 5G-Advanced?

January's subscribers-only email takes you inside 5G Advanced. With the release schedule now approved and agreed, you're likely to hear more about 5G Advanced in the months to come. So what's it about?

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Our subscribers receive four annual issues of TMN Quarterly, and 12 monthly emails containing a dedicated story, exclusive to subscribers. The below article was January's story on 5G Advanced. It looks at the Release schedule for 5G Advanced, what topics are included in the specifications, explores what the major vendors are saying about 5G Advanced, and asks why you should care.

Advancing the case for xG-Advanced
What is 5G Advanced? Maybe you’ve heard about it, maybe you are vaguely aware that it is the next set of features and specifications that are being specified within 3GPP standards for mobile communications. Maybe you think it’s a phrase used by vendors as marketing, to boost up what are quite boring incremental changes to 5G networks. Maybe you think it’s an important improvement on early 5G releases. Maybe you think it’s about laying the groundwork for 6G, coming soon (OK, in 2030).

Maybe it’s a tick in each column. (It's a tick in each column, isn't it?)

First things first, suffixing Advanced onto an existing “G” is not new. We’ve already had LTE-Advanced, which was adopted when ve

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