Embedded intelligence for the adaptive future network

Embedding intelligence inside mobile networks maximises efficiency and security, and enables the adaptive networks of the future.

In the latest issue of TMN Quarterly, ipoque’s Jeremy Carpenter provides an excellent run through of the benefits that could accrue to operators by embedding intelligence, through IP Classification, in the network. The article explains how and where IP Classification can be deployed in the network, and proposes several use cases for the application of the technology.

Carpenter says that advanced IP Classification, embedded within the network can:

– Deliver network efficiency by enabling policy decisions such as cellular-WiFi hand-off
– Enhance security by supporting integrated firewall functionalities
– Ensure QoS by monitoring key network performance and quality indicators
– Lay the foundation for the future network, by meeting the very low latency requirements of 5G
– Deliver the adapative, “thinking” network of the future

Click here to read the full article (PDF).

ipoque embedded intelligence