Launch of Mapping The Mobile Network

The Mobile Network is launching an ambitious new project that aims to create a unique visual directory of the evolving mobile network ecosystem.

Today we are announcing the launch of a new project from The Mobile Network – Mapping The Mobile Network.

What is it?
What we want to build is a visual directory of the elements that make up the mobile network, and the companies that supply those elements.

Mapping The Mobile Network will map key elements within the network, building up a series of maps that will function as a resource to enable users to drill down on an element or section of the network, understand how it relates to the wider network and to discover more about the ecosystem of vendors and suppliers that support the network.

We are starting with a sector-based image of the network. Click on any one area and you will see the elements that go to make up that area. Click on an element, and see:
– a map of how that element relates to others in the network as well as a description of that element
– links to content (both from TMN and other outlets) relating to the element
– information about the companies that play in that area.

The map will also be searchable by company: click on a company name from our list and see where it plays in the network.

Why are we doing this?
It’s going to be hard work, but we think if we get this right then this navigable, visual representation of the network will become a key resource for the mobile network community. There isn’t anything quite like this available at the moment – certainly not something that maps the ecosystem (companies) as well as the network itself.

Also, it promises to throw up a lot of interesting discussion points. How do you map the spaces “in between” networks, the interfaces and interconnections. Going forward, how do you map network function virtualisation, or SDN elements. And we are not solely listing the elements themselves, we want to portray the functions of the enabling test, optimisation, control and assurance technology.

Who can get involved?
We aim to build the map by working directly with suppliers and vendors, and other experts, and also to draw input in a crowd-sourced manner. To find out how to become involved in the project, and to ensure your company is listed and mapped correctly, please contact the address below. All listings, mapping, and submission of information is completely free.

When is it launching?
We aim to go live in early November. We view this as an ongoing project not a static one-off definition of a moment in time. We want, to borrow a hackneyed phrase, to make this about the journey as much as the destination.

The project already has backing from our launch partner Tektronix Communications, who saw what we are trying to do and also the match between the project and its own approach to providing visibility into the mobile network. We’d like to thank Tektronix Communications for its support of this key resource for the mobile network community.

As we progress, we anticipate other opportunities for sponsorship becoming available.

For more information on submissions and sponsorship opportunities, email