Qwilt and Altiostar team up for C-RAN video caching

Qwilt to integrate its caching software within Altiostar's C-RAN-friendly eNodeB.

Altiostar, the company that markets LTE eNodeB’s with Ethernet fronthaul for C-RAN deployment, and “open” cache player Qwilt have teamed up to provide video caching running as a virtual function integrated with the RAN.

The companies say enabling caching within a C-RAN will reduce network latency, thereby improving viewer QoE, and result in substantial increase in RAN efficiency, unlocking “hidden network capacity”. In addition, mobile operators can optimise their backhaul capacity spend.

Qeilt Altiostar caching

Qwilt’s Open Caching

The two companies say they have active trials for their joint technology deployment, which delivers a caching solution deep in the mobile network, tightly integrated with the RAN. A statement said:

“Combined, Qwilt Open Caching technology and Altiostar eNodeB technology will create a fully integrated C-RAN and open cache offering for mobile operators. Qwilt and Altiostar are engaged in joint go-to-market initiatives including joint marketing and selling of their integrated solution which is currently in trials.”

Ash Dahod, President and CEO of Altiostar, said, “We found Qwilt during our extensive search for the right partner to meet the requirements for an Open Caching Solution inside our C-RAN architecture. Qwilt’s early commitment to NFV product architecture meant we could realise a technology integration quickly without the need to spend time on hardware development.”

The idea of integrating caching at the RAN level forms one of the use cases for Mobile Edge Computing (see Mobile Edge Computing Part I), which has recently been blessed with its own ISG within ETSI. Platforms such as Saguna’s CODS provide the capability for base station-level applications, including the integration of caching from third party CCDN players such as Akamai, which have previously had to sit outside the core mobile network.

By partnering together in a productised basis Altiostar and Qwilt are somewhat mirroring the MEC approach, in terms of concept, although clearly offering a proprietary solution.

Altiostar describes its C-RAN architecture as a software-intensive eNodeB that can fronthaul over Ethernet over a variety of physical connections, and  run DPI-based application intelligence functions on its vBBU.

Altiostar C-RAN

Altiostar’s C-RAN overview