EVENT | APAC Optical Fibre and Cable Conference 2015

A unique opportunity to hear from China's most influential executives and to meet over 300 professionals involved in the heart of the world’s fibre cable production

After extensive market studies and planning, CRU Events will roll out the inaugural version of the APAC Optical Fibre and Cable Conference on October 14-16 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The conference will be hosted in conjunction with Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable (YOFC), and enjoys support from the key manufacturers in the fibre and cable industry.

The event is a unique opportunity to hear from China’s most influential executives and to meet over 300 professionals involved in the heart of the world’s fibre cable production in The China Optics Valley.

Currently, network operators are installing more than 300 million km of optical fibre, with the optical cable market valued at about US$10 billion. As the optical cable market has grown, it has become increasingly complex. In recent years, the fibre and cable manufacturers have introduced many new types of fibre and cable products, optimized for the performance and installation requirements of different applications.

One of the goals CRU has pursued in developing the conference program is to show the role of different fibre types in today’s communications markets. The conference will have representatives from many of the world’s top-tier fibre and cable manufacturers, willing to share their views about how and where the different fibre types will support tomorrow’s telecom network requirements. 

The speaker programme features some of China’s top CEO’s, world leading producers as well as two of China’s biggest consumers, China Unicom and Research Institute China Mobile, who will make a keynote address on the opening day of the conference

Keynote: What happens after 4G network is built – consumer perspectives on Chinese demand

  • How fast 4G construction has progressed, outlook for demand after 2015
  • Will fixed broadband programmes like “Broadband China” keep China’s fibre demand above 120 million fibre-km and for how long?
  • Examining the use of FTTN-plus-VDSL vs. FTTB/FTTH in smaller cities, villages?
  • Status of new national CATV company What is the CATV/SARFT network construction outlook?
  • What is the outlook from other major customer groups in China?
  • Han Li, Research Institute China Mobile
  • Xiongyan Tang, China Unicom

Why Wuhan, why now? 5 key reasons to attend this year’s event:

  1. Hear first hand from industry experts about this important region as it enters a boom era and put your questions to some of China’s leading FO cable producers & consumers
  2. Take advantage of the first major international fibre optic conference to be hosted in China and network with its most influential FO executives
  3. Join over 300 delegates in the China Optics Valley in the heart of the FO’s industry
  4. Enjoy the first public tour of two of the industry’s biggest the FO cable production facilities – YOFC and Fiberhome 
  5. Get the CRU View on the shifting market dynamics in APAC and beyond –understand how the region will influence the optical fibre universe and how it will be influenced by it

For further information visit the event website here or email the organisers