WHITE PAPER: Field Services Management for Infrastructure Maintenance

Cut the Cost of network downtime with a Field Services Management Solution for reactive and predictive maintenance.

No telecommunications network is 100% crash-proof, but with every minute of downtime costing $5,600, CSPs must take the best steps they can optimise maintenance strategies – both predictive and reactive.

The best Field Services Management (FSM) solution should be able to handle preventative maintenance, which can reduce failures by up to 25%. Preventative maintenance in FSM operates according to predefined schedules based on, for example, warranty periods, or on certain conditions such as the environment in which a piece of equipment operates. Preventative maintenance isn’t perfect – for example, equipment lifetime predictions are often based on averages – but it does have several advantages. It’s an approach that is flexible should a higher priority issue arise, and an FSM solution that can integrate with the IoT to gather and analyse data can learn to recognise common errors and prevent them from happening.

Even with the best preventative and predictive strategies, it’s impossible to guarantee against every failure. So CSPs must accept the need for reactive maintenance to deal with faults as they occur. Comarch Field Service Management optimises the way field workforces operate by coordinating operations, resource management, strategic planning and asset tracking through a cloud, mobile and IoT network that includes real-time advanced scheduling, dispatching, task support, mobility, analytics, forecasting and reporting capabilities.

The ideal FSM strategy takes into account both reactive and preventative maintenance requirements for CSPs.

Download the white paper to find out more about how to optimise to your field service management to prevent downtime, and to react to any unwanted failures in an optimal way. The white paper includes:

– How data analytics with FSM can help your network learn, predict and prevent faults and failures
– The situations to which reactive and preventative maintenance are each best suited
– Why it’s vital that your FSM solution should be scalable and capable of integrating with your existing and future technologies

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