XCellAir out of stealth mode with cloud-based optimisation play

XCellAir launches cloud-based optimisation and management solutions to unlock Het Net potential.

XCellAir, a start-up that has developed a cloud-based approach to mobile network optimisation and management, has launched publicly.

XCellAirThe company, in stealth mode for 14 months until now, says it has developed a system that provides a single, consolidated view of Het Net deployments, allowing operators to optimise their WiFi, macro and small cell cellular layers from the same view.

XCellAir thinks that the potential of small cells and WiFi to deliver capacity and coverage increases, while lowering cost-per- bit, remains under-realised within operator networks, with one barrier being the ability to optimise across technologies and layers in a holistic manner. A common view of multi-layer and multi-vendor optimisation, deployed using the flexibility and scaleability of the cloud, could unlock that potential.

XCellAir says it will provide the capability for operators to be able to manage, deploy, and optimise dense Wi-Fi and cellular networks, from one consolidated view. Its features include SON and radio resource management (RRM) capabilities to mitigate interference, and data capacity management and wireless analytics designed to help operators monetise their network investments more fully.

A statement from the company said features include:

Virtualization and orchestration capabilities that provide elastic scalability and align with Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Networks Function Virtualisation (NFV) standards evolution
Multi-standard Radio Resource Management (RRM) and SON: Common framework for dynamic interference mitigation and enabling optimal coverage and capacity. Single solution for any wireless access type (Wi-Fi, LTE, 5G, etc.)
–  Analytics and capacity management: Context-aware analytics enabling predictive network optimisation, business model analysis, marketing and advertising

XCellAir is backed and staffed by some experienced wireless execs with backgrounds at Continuous Computing/Radisys, and InterDigital. Amit Agarwal is President, Narayan Menon CTO, and Todd Mersch EVP Sales & Marketing.

The optimisation and network management sector has seen a number of exits and sales over the past few years, with the likes of Actix, Aircom, Arieso, Celcite, Ingenia, Intucell, Mentum and Optimi all the subject of trade sales. Others still developing SON independently include the likes of Israeli company Cellwize and Reverb Networks.

It is against this background, and of course against the major NEP offerings such as Nokia’s iSon, that XCellAir must carve out a position for itself.