Viavi Solutions: introducing a new brand for the mobile industry

Viavi may be a new name but it is a brand built on proven solutions that enable operators to design, assure and optimise existing and future networks. TMN explores what Viavi can bring to mobile operators as they deploy and manage increasingly complex networks and business models.


Your company has recently gone through quite a change in terms of brand and structure—can you elaborate on this?

Viavi Solutions was created from the separation of JDSU into two businesses, Viavi and Lumentum, in August, 2015. Viavi includes the JDSU Network and Service Enablement, Optical Security and Performance, Network Instruments, and Arieso business units.

Viavi delivers unparalleled visibility and intelligence across entire network ecosystems for the clarity and understanding needed to provide optimum performance and quality-of-experience. And, Viavi enables smooth transitions to next-generation technologies such as NFV/SDN.

Viavi offers a fully-integrated portfolio of cloud-enabled instruments and systems, software automation, and services for network testing, performance optimisation, and service assurance. Highly flexible and interoperable, each solution lets network operators leverage prior monitoring investments and streamline workflows for greater operational and capital efficiency. Customers obtain comprehensive intelligence and insight so they can manage increasingly complex network and service ecosystems.

What are some of the customer challenges Viavi is trying to address?

Customers are looking for cost-effective ways to deploy and manage networks that have grown increasingly complex. Improving their business top line and bottom line and enhancing customer loyalty is their objective. Through a tightly integrated portfolio of cloud-enabled instruments and systems, software automation, and services, Viavi provides multi-dimensional visibility, intelligence, and insight so customers can efficiently and cost-effectively test, deploy, and manage their network, applications, and services with greater precision. It is essential for the customer to deploy cost-efficient technologies such as HetNets, SDN, NFV, XaaS, LTE, VoLTE, and SON, and Viavi is ready to help them navigate through technology transformations and major transitions.

You mention HetNet—can you give us a perspective on some of the challenges in HetNet you are addressing?

Heterogeneous networks involve a mix of radio technologies and cell types (such as macrocells, small cells, Wi-Fi, DAS) working together seamlessly. Understandably, operators and NEMs have a huge challenge to make this mix work seamlessly and be able to deploy them efficiently. Viavi is uniquely positioned to offer a complete solution for HetNet deployments and management by using our fiber, coax, and RF test equipment tied together with our cloud-based, real-time monitoring and management system. Viavi’s network and services enablement solutions are tested and proven to help operators, NEMs, and contractors reduce OpEx and lost time. By using Viavi’s solutions, customers can achieve this goal flawlessly.

What is Viavi doing differently to respond to this?

Viavi’s unique E2E portfolio serves the entire network lifecycle. From pre-deployment testing and planning through network optimisation, Viavi has solutions that help customers plan, turn-up, and manage HetNets. Our E2E platform takes a customer-centric approach to where subscribers are, what services and apps they are using, and with what devices they are connecting. This means that when customers buy a Viavi solution, they also get plug-in, reusable modules in the E2E platform.

Sounds like an exciting time for Viavi Solutions and your customers—can you explain a bit more about your end-to-end HetNet solution?

Network deployment and commissioning is a fragmented business. Multiple players are engaged in the deployment life cycle including service providers, venue owners, NEMs, and contractors. DAS is one of the core components of HetNets, and is the most complex to integrate and optimise. It is a significant challenge to manage this complex ecosystem and deliver consistently without streamlined tools. Viavi has been working very closely with customers to develop a cloud-based solution leveraging the StrataSync solution to remove manual steps by automatically setting up test cases, updating test equipment, generating pass/fail reports, and coordinating with different players involved in the cell-site deployment cycle. Viavi’s real-time, cloud-based Rubix RAN post-processing solution helps optimisation teams make decision quickly, saving costs by minimising the need to re-walk venues.

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