Network Services for the open network

Vendor independent, forward looking. How Amdocs network services enables you to design, deploy, operate the network of now and the future.

amdocs network servicesChange is happening now and more is coming. Networks are multi-vendor, and in the near future open networks will consist of software from many different vendors at different layers, as well as open source components running on white box hardware

Operators will need to plan, integrate and manage all these components in order to deliver the revenue-generating services they are designed to support.

They will also need to manage a human resources transformation – to find new ways of working in this open, software-based  network and service environment.

This e-catalog outlines how Amdocs Network Services provides support to the Mobile Network operator undergoing this technical and operational transformation  – from solving planning and deployment challenges to operations management and ongoing network services.

To understand more about the operational environment of a modern operator, download the e-catalog.


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