Free White Paper: VoLTE call troubleshooting in the live LTE network

Geared towards network directors, operations managers and network support engineers, this white paper is dedicated to providing a better understanding of VoLTE deployment and preparing successful launches through effective identification of troubleshooting techniques.

By Tommi Tallgren, Senior Product Manager, EXFO

While over-the-top providers like Skype or Viber continue to be dominant forces in the mobile VoIP space, for network operators deploying LTE, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) promises to become a killer app for their networks between 2014 and 2016. Shored up by successes made by early adopters like SK Telecom, analyst groups, such as Infonetics Research, have begun to re-evaluate and more than double past forecasts1 regarding its growth in use.

As one VoLTE deployment success rolls into another success, competitive forces will drive even greater adoption. Major LTE operators will look to VoLTE as a means to introduce a more efficient way to provide high-quality voice over their networks. We live in interesting, fast-moving times and, where a year ago there was some hesitation around VoLTE in the market, we believe the benefits VoLTE brings will promote healthy deployment.

Voice still remains the most critical service mobile network operators (MNOs) run over their networks. Room for error around voice service is therefore slight to non-existent. As such, it is absolutely crucial that when deploying a VoLTE solution operators get it right the first time.

This white paper aims to give network directors, operations managers and network support engineers a head-start toward better understanding VoLTE deployment. For those on the cusp of a deployment, it will help prepare you for successful launch through identifying effective troubleshooting techniques. In it, we will discuss high-level technical and practical aspects of VoLTE testing in live LTE networks. The technical aspects will cover the basics of a VoLTE call scenario and relevant LTE network elements and interfaces, while practical aspects will take an in-depth look at a real-world VoLTE call to highlight where to focus when troubleshooting VoLTE calls.

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– A VoLTE overview highlighting the main differences between VoLTE calls and calls over legacy mobile networks
– Practical requirements for live VoLTE troubleshooting
– Call scenarios and network architecture
– VoLTE troubleshooting examples


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