Huawei introduces digital intelligence transformation service and software at MWC23

At MWC23, Huawei’s Bruce Xun, Vice President of the Global Technical Service, Huawei, introduced Huawei’s latest ICT service and software solutions.

He showcased that Huawei’s ICT services and software provide customers with warm and professional services and innovative solutions, based on experience and capabilities from over 30 years of practices and continuous R&D investment throughout the whole process of network planning, construction, O&M, optimisation, and service operation. He said that Huawei committed to building a green, efficient, secure and ultimate experience ICT infrastructure.

Based on that, Huawei ensures robust network through intelligent O&M and continuously optimises network performance for ultimate experience and to unleash business potential. In addition, Huawei provides new digital services and software for telco operators` business growth, launching a comprehensive talent development service to enable digital-intelligent transformation in the ICT industry.

Bruce Xun Huawei MWC23

Bruce Xun introducing Huawei’s digital intelligence service and software.

Green & Efficient Integration

Speaking to media and press at Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Bruce said that Huawei’s green and efficient integration service covers simplified site integration, data centre integration and efficient network integration.

“The most important requirements of the modern operator are being green and delivering the ultimate experience,” Bruce said. “Our Dual-E (Energy and Experience) driven ICT infrastructure integration service solution covers site, network and data centre integration. Since 2022 this has saved 400 million kWh and reduced carbon by 140,000 ton, the equivalent of 7.5 million trees.”

At the cell site, Huawei offers green site integration such as solar power, battery storage, broadband RRUs and all-in-one antennas, which can reduce power consumption by 20-45% and Opex by 40%. In the data centre, liquid cooling and planning simulation design capabilities reduce Power Useage Effectiveness by 1.15. A simplified, all-optical network architecture with a cloud-based core network has delivered energy savings of 40-60% to the Philippines operator Globe.

Intelligent O&M

Bruce explained how Huawei’s intelligent operation solutions are delivering its three zero strategy: zero service interruption, zero human intervention, zero code development based on knowledge and experience from helping implement over 160 large networks

“Our digital intelligent O&M solution introduces technology such as AI, big data and digital twins into the operator’s O&M processes,” he said.

Based on its knowledge and experience Huawei has created expert rules and AI models to improve and automate network operation, including fault prediction, automated diagnosis and an intelligent O&M ChatOps AI assistant. Engineers can deliver their own apps by using Huawei’s low code open orchestration development environment, called iStudio.

Ultimate Experience

Delivering network performance and service experience is a core competitiveness of telco operators. Bruce demonstrated how Huawei enables the business development of 5G networks and home broadband by SmartCare and ADO solution which data analytics and modelling can be used to identify high value users and make recommendations increasing penetration and customer satisfaction and reducing churn.

Using Huawei’s simulation, planning and optimisation algorithms, all 15 target networks have been ranked #1 in performance and experience by Umlaut, a network performance benchmarking company. Additionally, telco operators have been able to improve service quality for OTT services such as YouTube.

New Services Growth

“Innovating in new services is key to the business growth of many operators,” Bruce said. He outlined how Huawei’s CBS, FinTech and iTA solution have increased the service opportunity for telco operators.

Bruce said that Huawei’s next generation cloud native CBS (Convergent Billing System) offers a flexible means of unifying billing to reduce costs and enable upgrades to customers. Huawei’s FinTech 2.0 solution provides inclusive financial services for emerging markets, creating new growth opportunities. Huawei now has over 30 carrier customers and 400 million users worldwide for its FinTech solution. The InTouch Aggregator (iTA) makes network service capabilities more accessible for operators, with 50 industries already engaged in China, increasing carrier operating revenues by $120 million.

Intelligent Talent

Finally, Bruce said, Huawei has been investing in training and upskilling staff. It has partnerships with three European business schools and also provides training in new technology such as 5G, big data, AI and cloud, etc. It offers over 100 certification courses, and now has 700,000 Huawei certified engineers in its ecosystem, and has enabled talent development for over 2.2 million operator staffs across its global customer.

Bruce concluded, “Together with our ecosystem, Huawei ICT service and software will continue to accelerate industry digital intelligence transformation, heading to Intelligent World.”