Innovation schism

Are we going to see a telecom version of the splinternet? With a EU-US block on one side and a Chinese-led standard on the other? A recent paper argues for a more constuctive approach.

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You’re probably aware of the theory put around that Chinese companies somehow “won” 5G by taking over and dominating standards bodies, influencing specifications to include technologies that they had a lead on, and then dominating the patent and commercial landscape. Whether you think this is a narrative that holds any water or not doesn’t matter, because there are enough people in authority that do believe it, and want to make sure that 6G is different.

You’re probably also aware of the narrative that says that US-led export restrictions on US origin technology to China could backfire, and lead to China developing its own chip capabilities, thereby reducing global income for US companies and their customers, but also giving a boost to China’s own capabilities.

Thirdly, you’re probably aware of China’s efforts to propagate new Internet Protocol standards - ones that differ radically in terms of openness and control to those we have grown used to, even taking into account the growing tentacles

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