Active Data: Dynamic Assurance

The ability to actively monitor SLAs and obtain targeted, KPI-focused data will be key to the commercial success of NFV deployments.

As operators take NFV deployments live they require new capabilities to assure the end-to-end performance of dynamic services across NFV infrastructure and with multi-vendor virtual elements.

Key to that will be the ability to actively test and monitor critical KPIs for delivered service quality in hybrid and virtual networks, integrating this active data capture and analysis with existing processes to create a unified, multi-layer test and monitoring fabric that can is automated and programmable.

Active Data: Dynamic Assurance is an easy-to-read infographic that tells the story of the requirement for active data in current and future service assurance systems.

It includes results of an exclusive operator survey on the role of assurance in operationalising NFV, and offers exclusive access to an expert white paper on the topic.

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