A 5G call between two 5G phones on a 5G network

Enough 5G? Huawei and Vodafone produce noteworthy demo during DayZero (Sunday) event at MWC.

Vodafone Spain has 11 5G NR base station sites on trial in Barcelona providing signal over the 3.7GHz band. The equipment, provided by Huawei, has been providing a peak rate to test users and devices of around 1.7Gbps and average rates of around or just below the 1Gbps mark. It has been able to uplink video from a 4k camera as a car drives around testing things out.

Attendees at an event being run by Huawei deep inside the W, a modern building made of plenty of reinforced glass, were witness to a call between two new Huawei Mate X 5G devices – one inside the building and an employee standing outside the hotel. The NSA set-up meant that the devices were anchored over LTE – but Huawei took pains to show us the 5G indicator light up on the phones notification panel. 

OK – so a phone call or data session should work OK, but it’s a new radio interface, new phones, and shows the benefits of M-MIMO beam forming getting that mid band signal fairly deep inside a modern glass building. A notable proof point.