ADVA targets “urgent need” for small cell backhaul with new site router

ADVA says wholesale small cell backhaul providers don't need to compromise on quality or functionality with new range of outdoor site gateway.

ADVA has released a new small cell backhaul gateway series designed to be deployed in outdoor locations to support advanced 4G and 5G small cells. The ruggedised solutions are designed to provide service demarcation without operators needing to invest in street cabinets to house the gateway.

The FSP 150-GO102Pro Series provides L2/3 service demarcation with Carrier Ethernet and routing features, as well as advanced synch (IEEE 1588v2 timing) to meet advanced LTE and 5G requirements. The products can also be controlled within an SDN architecture, and support network slicing by providing standard NETCONF/YANG interfaces. There is an option for Power over Ethernet support.

ADVA said that the series had been designed to meet the requirements of network providers providing wholesale access to MNOs that will increasingly require backhaul as small cell deployments accelerate. 

It told TMN via email: “The series is designed to be co-located with small cells. The Series is available in two distinct forms. Firstly, the S and SP models have a sealed housing that means they can installed outdoors, such as on lampposts or walls or even at locations which might be subject to flooding.

“Secondly, there’s the Sm model. This smaller variant can be deployed at locations that are protected from direct exposure to rain such as in lampposts and shelters without air conditioning.”

ADVA said that it anticipates growing demand for small cell backhaul service demarcation as deployments of small cells themselves increases in rural, enterprise and dense urban environments.

“The latest addition to our market-leading portfolio of multi-layer edge technology responds to an urgent demand for a demarcation product that can be easily installed in any location. Versatile mounting options, the market’s smallest form factor and an extended temperature range without the need for fans make the series ideal for wholesale operators looking to quickly and affordably connect small cell sites,” said Ulrich Kohn, director, technical marketing, ADVA.