Quality of Experience in a 5G World

How do we measure the Quality of Experience of a 5G-connected Thing, autonomous car, or VR device? What do we use to measure it and what KPIs do we look for?

Yves Bellego, Director of Technical & Network Strategy, Orange Group and Hanspeter Bobst, VP, Mobile Network Testing, Rohde & Schwarz, explore how operators can assess Quality of Experience in 5G.

Operators are well used to measuring the perceived Quality of Experience of voice and video services, and already have a wide range of tools at their disposal to do so. Even so, the service environment is complex enough.

But as 5G brings a greater diversity of devices and use cases on the network, this video asks how will operators measure and understand the quality of service that these devices are experiencing. How will they measure QoE across a virtual network slice?

The discussion explores what new demands 5G will place on QoE measurement, how to build test cases for new 5G-enabled use cases and asks if operators have the technology they need to measure QoE in 5G.

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* This video is TMN partner content, produced in association with Rohde & Schwarz