TMN Quarterly Magazine Issue 18

'Everything 5G' Edition

TMN Quarterly, Issue 18, is going to be dedicated to all things 5G. No stop, don’t go away… let us explain!

We’re going to look at the actual state of things in 5G, in a no nonsense and clear way:

– What will 5G operators look like?
– What’s what in 5G – visual
– Who’s who in 5G – visual

Below is a just a small snapshot of what we’ll be covering and some of the issues that we’ll be aiming to put in to the spotlight.

Full Editorial Preview Here

Anatomy of a 5G operator TMN reveals the anatomy of the future 5G MNO: what operating structure and job titles will the 5G operator have: what will the revenue mix and business model be?

Technology Breakdown Enhanced glossary – listing out your MU MIMOs from you Massive MIMOs, your beam tracking from your beam forming, your URLCC from your MMTC. Here’s where 5G acronyms come to life!

Timeline Visual Trials, Service commitments, standards in this handy timeline

Fixed Interest Looking at the early go-to-market of fixed wireless access “5G” services in the USA, Korea and elsewhere

5G IoT the long game? 5G and IoT get mentioned in the same breath – but with operators seeing NB-IoT as a long term investment – what are the IoT use cases that will only be enabled by 5G networks?

VISUAL: Split Screen 5G/ Not 5G This is 5G, this is not 5G. Delivering the dogma, TMN puts its neck on the line. So think of a technology, a network feature, or use case… and ask, Is it 5G, or Not 5G?

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